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Where The Buffalo Roam

Leona Valley, CA, United States
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Today we drove a new scenic route from the Antelope Valley and Lancaster, California, to Santa Clarita. Our route took us on a winding road along the Bouquet Canyon Highway that was dotted with beautiful old oak trees and golden rolling hills. We passed horse and llama ranches, but I did NOT expect to see buffalo. But, there on the right side of the road standing up along a fence was a small herd of American Buffalo. Apparently, this is the Antelope Valley Buffalo Company that sells bison all across the country and is the largest supplier of bison steaks and jerky to Southern California. I have been traveling around this area for over two decades and, until today, had no idea that this ranch existed.
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by kozman


I think I ate his cousin as detailed in my More Brewing Company story. LOL!