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When it rains, it rains a lot...

Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
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As already told in the earlier post, we were hiking to the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls. It was a fairly long way, that I remember, but we had sufficient food and drinks in our daypacks. It was a bit cloudy that day and quite humid, the further we went inland. After a long break at the waterfalls, we headed back to where we came from. We passed lush tropical forest, in parts with giant leaves that came in quite handy when it all of a sudden started to rain. The leaves were so big that we were completely dry...for about 10 minutes or maybe less. The leaves gave way under the weight of the rain drops, one leave onto the next and we got all the water that had accumulated at once. We were soaking wet and so were our daypacks. Of course, we were not prepared for rain. It lasted only 30 minutes or so and blue sky appeared above our heads. In the end, very refreshing given the heat that followed.
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