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When in Rome

Rome, Lazio, Italy
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On our way from Prague over to Sicily, we had a quick stop off for 2 days in Rome before catching our flight. Now, I know must people would clutch their pearls and shiver at the thought of only spending 48 hours in such a beautiful city, but unfortunately, this was the reality. So I got my map from hotel concierge, set my alarm for 6am the next morning and set out to see as much as I possibly could that day. It was my first time in Italy so naturally, I was impressed thoroughly with my first sip of real authentic Italian coffee. THE COFFEE… I can’t even tell you how wonderful it is anywhere you go. Same with the wine—I come from California, close to Napa, and I will still say that anywhere you eat in Rome, ordering just the house wine will not disappoint.Of course, the love for Rome is not just the food (although it does play a large part), but the history, the architecture, the streets lined with vespas, the hospitality- I could go on and on about how wonderful Italy is… but Rome truly is a magical place and next time I visit, I plan to stay for at least a few weeks to be able to enjoy everything on a more relaxed timeline.
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This airport is very confusing for American tourists entering into Italy, however the shops are amazing!
Roma Termini
Be VERY CAREFUL at this station. A friend of mine got her purse stolen while on our travels.


Hearth Hotel
I give this hotel a five star review. Located across the street from the Vatican, you get a fair price, amazing service, and a clean room with a view!

Points of interest

Piazza Navona
I took so many pictures at this spot-- I could never quite capture the beauty of it. You MUST go by.
Castel Sant'Angelo
We walked by this monument several times on our journeys through town and I never got tired of seeing its beauty.
The COOLEST thing we saw while in Rome. Make sure you get over there for lunch and a walk through of this amazing old monument.
We did not have the patience to wait in line to get inside the Colosseum, but even being outside of it is amazing. However, prepare to be surrounded by American Tourists.
Vatican City
If you have the patience for the lines, it's completely worth it for the tour.


Pietro al Pantheon
Overpriced due to the location for sub par food-- however it's almost worth it for the view!
I Tre Pupazzi
The best meal we had while in Rome.

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