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What is your favorite cruise line?

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
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We have cruised with many cruise lines, but our all-time favorite is and will be the Holland America Line. Here is why: elegant and stylish ships, courteous and competent service, excellent specialty restaurants, amazing library with an internet café. However the two main reasons for choosing Holland America over the other cruise lines in the same price range are: it is not a party line and it has the least amount of kids, so peaceful relaxation is almost guaranteed. Can’t wait until our next cruise! Happy and safe sailing!
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For kids

Fort Lauderdale
Most kid-friendly cruise lines: Disney Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, NCL.

Points of interest

Fort Lauderdale
Purchase travel insurance (trip cancellation and medical insurance) either from the cruise line or from 3rd party.
Fort Lauderdale
Holland America ships have libraries with hundreds of books, magazines, newspapers and board games - actually they are the largest libraries at sea.
Fort Lauderdale
Check for lower prices after you paid deposit and have not yet paid final payment. Some of the cruise lines are willing to adjust the price or give you onboard credit!
Fort Lauderdale
Before you book your stateroom, check what is below and above the cabin - meaning there is a restaurant on the deck right above you: noise! Or night club on the deck right below you: even more noise!
Fort Lauderdale
Spa appointments can be booked in advance online, but if you are willing to wait till you got on board the ship, you will be able to score pretty sweet deals.
Fort Lauderdale
Beside the regular (inclusive) dining venues, cruise ships offer specialty dining options as well (charge/person).
Fort Lauderdale has an excellent database on deck plans and staterooms.
Fort Lauderdale has hundreds of reviews on cruise lines and ships.
Fort Lauderdale
There are 4 different types of staterooms (cabins) on most of the cruise ships: Inside (no window), Outside (porthole window), Balcony and Suites.
Fort Lauderdale
You can book your excursion with a 3rd party tour operator (cheaper than cruise lines' excursions), however if they don't get you back to your ship on time, you will be left in port and will have to make your way to the next port at your own expense.
Fort Lauderdale
Shore excursions can be booked in advance online or onboard the ship at the shore excursion desk.
Fort Lauderdale
The mainstream cruise lines such as Holland America, Celebrity, Princess, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Carnival charge an average of $12/guest/day - it is automatically added to your guest folio.
Fort Lauderdale
Caribbean cruises would most likely to start from either Fort Lauderdale, Miami or San Juan, PR.
Fort Lauderdale and have competitive prices, how ever it makes sense to check the cruise lines' websites too for promotions.

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