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What a mess this stay was - Do not stay at the SpringHill Suites Houston Hobby Airport

Houston, TX, United States
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Do not stay at the SpringHill Suites Houston Hobby Airport

We booked 2 rooms in November and after booking the rooms. I called and talked to an employee to make sure the two rooms had linked reservations along with asking if they could please put in the notes that we would like the rooms close to each other since we were traveling with family friends. The employee assured me that it would be put in the system and to call back right before we come so they could take care of putting our rooms close together (even on the same floor, is all we were asking). I called the day before we left for our trip reminding them we would be getting to the hotel about midnight and that I was told to call right before our trip due to them doing the room assignments daily. That employee said it should be no problem to get us close together. With us getting in at almost midnight I called from the airport and asked if there was anyway that they could open the pull out sofa ahead of time for our room. The lady said they could not do that for us so I asked her if she could please make sure we had bedding and extra pillows ready for us with it being midnight that we would be getting in. She said yes, she would make sure it was taken care of. We got to the hotel and it was not organized with the check in at all. The lady checking us in did not have the rooms even close to each other (they were on completely different floors) there was no extra bedding at all. She told us she had 1 pillow left so one of our daughters had no pillow to use. I mentioned to her that I went out of my way to call so there would be no issues and she said she was sorry that the only notes on our reservation was that it said "close" that is all. I told her that when calling a company and they employee is telling you that they are entering notes in their system that I am trusting they will do what they say there are going to do and put notes in that their staff will understand. She said there was not way to get my other daughter a pillow even though again I called hours before to make sure we had bedding for the pull out couch. The girl at the check in was completely overwhelmed and alone with a lot of people checking in at one time. She also took our credit card and told my husband it would be so much money for the room. When we got to the room he told me about that part and we had already pre-paid for the room when we booked it. We had to go check in the morning to make sure we were not getting changed twice for the room. This hotel definitely does not hold up to the Marriott brand. The shuttle driver was supper nice and helpful. He said he had only been working there for 3 weeks so hopefully with the way the hotel is being run they will not loose him as an employee. We will not be staying at this hotel again. I went back down after getting into our room due to being frustrated with the whole experience and she said a manager would contact us and that still has not happened from our stay over a week ago now.The room door lock was broken off on our door, lolly pops broken on the lobby floor and laying in the elevators broken. The place definitely is not the cleanest hotel or kept up!
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