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Whale Watching in Alaska

Hoonah, AK, United States
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One of the stops on my Alaskan cruise with Norwegian cruise lines was Icy Straight point. At this port of call, I was able to do one of the things that I have always wanted to do: Whale Watching. I booked this excursion for my mom and I through Norwegian cruise lines, and it included an approximately 3 hour trip and beverages (beer and soft drinks). We had expert guides aboard our boat, and they were able to track packs of whales. We saw orca whales and humpback whales. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. I would definitely recommend this excursion if going to Alaska.
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by h-and-c


Thanks for the recommendation. We have only been to Alaska so far by plane, and always add a whale watching trip on, because how can you pass it up. Question about cruising though, did you ever see whales from the cruise ship itself? I've always wondered that.

by doubleu1017


Hello! I did not see whales from my cruise ship. My uncle went on a different cruise a year before me, and he said he saw a lot of whales from the ship. I definitely want to fly into Alaska and explore by land one day!