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Wetlands at a Mall?!

Danbury, CT, United States
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Growing up in the 80s and 90s (those would be the 1900s …), I grew up in the Age of The Mall. An early trick I learned was that there was the Main Entrance (always crowded and busy) versus the side and back entrances. These were usually much less celebrated, and less crowded. Well, the Danbury Mall in Danbury, Connecticut did some clever landscaping and planning when building their side entrances. Built on lowlands, the outskirts of the property remain wet the year round - and as a result, wild fowl, heron, ducks, and a multitude of smaller songbirds frequent this area. Head to the Sears anchor store, park your car on the highest elevation and watch the heron glide directly overhead. A relaxing and amazing show worth watching!
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