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West Highland Lochs & Castles

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
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We decided to get out of the city on a day trip around the area. As promised, there were tons of cute villages, dramatic green glens, and well-positioned scenic castle ruins. While driving, the guide -- who was wearing a kilt, by choice, not by uniform -- had plenty of stories in clan warfare in the area, particularly the MacDonalds, Campbells, and MacGregors. He also warned us of the monsters, not only Nessie but also a baby-snatching monster in Orkney. This would be a great place to spend a week driving and hiking around -- that will have to be a separate trip!
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Bus Station
We've long admired Megabus's US operations, but it never quite worked out for us to take it. Booked a while back for 10GBP each, much cheaper than rail. Pleasant enough 3-hour ride across rolling Scottish farmlands ... sometimes the fog even cleared enough to see them. Free wifi, too. Some hardy souls were on for the 12-hour overnight to London, which would be a bit much.

Culture and experiences

The People's Palace & Winter Garden
Contained a (free!) museum on Glasgow life on topics ranging from WWII to tenement life to birth control.


The Victorian House
Although we booked it on a hostel website for pretty cheap, this was definitely a hotel. But the building had character, and it included a big Scottish breakfast including a strange but good black bean hockey-puck-thing.

Points of interest

Site of a massacre when 38 MacDonalds were killed by Campbells, about a year after the MacDonalds killed 36 people at a wedding party
McCaig's Tower
False ruin built in the late 1800s to create work for masons

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