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Welcome to the Hotel California

Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico
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We booked a cruise to Puerto Vallarta and one of our excursion choices was to head off to Todos Santos In English it means many saints.

We booked our excursion directly from the cruise ship to facilitate ease of use. Usually when you book through the cruise line you pay more for your trip. We understand this but it was easier to do this.

We needed to board a motor coach and the drive from Port was around an hour. Not too bad and it takes you through Baja California. If you have never been though Baja it's pretty dry. Think Arizona or Texas. You skirt the coast so you are able to see the ocean at times but it is pretty barren and not really scenic unless you like desert.

Arriving at Todos Los Santos you go back in time as you are presented with a lot of fairly old buildings. Classic Mexican traditional architecture. The interesting thing about it is that above the building you will find some type of little saint poised over the street. This is where the city gets it's name.

In the midst of the desert town is a hotel that is supposed to be the Eagles Hotel California. The hotel itself is filled with many eclectic pieces of art and décor. It's traditional Mexican décor and style. Do not expect grandeur here but you can find interesting and eclectic.

All in all it was an ok trip. Not sure I would make it again just to see the hotel. Yet, the town itself is an artist haven and they have much in the way of that.
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Culture and experiences

Faces of Mexico Ethnic Art Gallery
Todos Santos is an artist haven and they even have a festival each year to celebrate this. There are many small boutique gallerias to visit.
Todos Los Santos
Todos Los Santos
Mission Santa Rosa is in the heart of Todos Los Santos and it is the first mission in Baja. Great architectural details.


Hotel California Todos Santos
Hotel California Todos Santos
Eclectic and visually stimulating


Todos los Santos
La Coronela is situated right next to the hotel and they have great margaritas. Great food and I did not have the fish tacos.

Special activities

Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C.
Todos Santos has a program Tortugueros Las Playitas where they help with the conservation of sea turtles. They offer Eco tours and stays to help educate people on conservation,

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