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Weirdly Beautiful Trashcan Flowers

Moorestown, NJ, United States
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During a visit to southern New Jersey this past fall to visit family, we enjoyed a breakfast out...primarily due to my cousin and I having eaten all of the eggs the night before. Our the parking lot of our desired dining location was full, so we parked two blocks away and walked (my cousin snuck inside to get out name on the wait list). During the two block walk, I saw a rather odd display of somewhat nice, fragrant flowers growing out of what appeared to be run of the mill trashcans. It was a weird site. But at the same time, it was somewhat beautiful -- something pretty (the flowers) growing out of something generally thought of as unpretty (a trashcan).
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by SouthernWriter


What a great idea, thanks for sharing this. Trash cans are way cheaper than the ceramic pots for summer annuals. Oh, and I got a laugh out of you and your cousin easing all the eggs.