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Weekend in Seattle

Seattle, WA, United States
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Every weekend Devon and I have we do our best to get out of town and do some exploring. One weekend we went to Seattle Washington and we have the greatest time!

We visited the Pike Peak Market (which is famous for slinging fish) - we didn't see any fish slinging but we did buy some smoked salmon, scallops, and oyster and WOW are those good. The Market is like an open air market and supposedly the original "flea market"

Right around the corner from there is the original Starbucks store too. That was interesting to see. They have the original starbucks logo on their shop.. which is a two tailed breasted mermaid. That was just the beginning of the Starbucks we saw.. they are literally on every single corner.

The gum wall is just around the corner from Pikes Place Market too. Its this brick alley that is known to be covered in chewing gum. Couple months ago it got wiped clean but there a new start to the wall and gum is still everywhere!

The next tourist thing we did in Downtown Seattle is eat an overly expensive dungeons crab egg mcmuffin that was featured in the "the layover" by Anthony bourdian.

We also took a drive to Kurt Cobains House and saw Jimi Hendrix Memorial too.

Then later in the day we took a car ferry to Vashon Island and saw "the bike in a tree" and did some geocaching. That was a great time!
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Culture and experiences

Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market
If you go to a Seattle. This is a must. Its the first original Flea Market in America. You can really get a chance to see the people that make up the city and try food and taste the culture


Jimi Hendrix Memorial
Jimi Hendrix Memorial
If you Love some Jimi Hendrix like we do.. go outside the city a little bit and see his memorial. No cost and unique experience.

Points of interest

Take a care ferry to Vashon Island and go check out the "bike in a tree". Its like a 1960's bike that was leaned up against a tree and the tree grew around it. Plus good excuse to explore Vashon. Great little island.

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by glennlaz


Awesome post! I loved Seattle specially the foods!