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Watching the sunrise over Borobudur

Yogyakarta, Jogja, Indonesia
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In preparation for our visit to Borobudur, my wife and I booked a round trip van from Yogyakarta that left before 4am, arriving in Borobudur at around 4:45am. We got our tickets from the Manohara hotel and proceeded to the temple grounds, walking up to the top of the stupa-like temple with only our flashlights lighting the way in the otherwise pitch black darkness. Walking through such an exotic temple while it was still dark had quite the explorer and mysterious feel to it.

At the top, we joined the many other people already waiting, grabbing our own spot for the event. At around 5:30, the sky started shifting from pitch black to dark purple and eventually to a beautiful orange tone. But the ever changing colours of the sky were only part of the spectacular views. On the ground, the sunlight slowly revealed the many bell-shaped, perforated stupas surrounding us and the misty forests beyond the temple.

We sat there and admired the view for quite a while. Every minute, the sky seemed to transform the tiniest bit, making everything look just a tad different and even more beautiful than before. We couldn’t look away.
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by Skye19


Stunning, what a beautiful photo and experience!