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Tuscany, Tuscany, Italy
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Sometimes in life there are moments that you can't quite define the significance of until some point in the future. I have many memories like this like my last time playing a board game with my grandfather before his passing, my last road trip in my car before it took its last ride, and now my last watched sunset as a single lady. At that point in time, I have no idea that my life was soon about to change forever. My boyfriend and I love to travel, and after finding a great deal on airfare to Italy convinced my parents to explore the world with us. We lived out of backpacks for 2 weeks and made our way around a good portion of Western Europe. We saw so many historical monuments, met so many great people, experienced many cultural events and traditions over the holiday season, and made so many memories that will last a lifetime. I've seen many sunsets in my life, but there are a few that are more memorable than others, and the sunset I experienced in Florence, Italy is now added to that list. We were walking through the streets after purchasing a couple bottles of wine to take back to our rooftop terrace to celebrate our last night in Europe before heading home the next morning. As we were strolling through the city we saw the most beautiful sunset as we were crossing over the St. Trinity Bridge. We crossed this bridge initially with the intent of viewing the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge, but we were mesmerized by the view on the opposite side instead. We saw a family with 3 children taking pictures in front of this sunset, but not just standing on the bridge. Instead they had hopped over onto the outside of the bridge to get an amazing picture with the water beneath them. As we watched them in awe of these amazing pictures they were capturing, the father offered to take mine and my boyfriend's picture out there. The moment was perfect. As much as we wanted to just sit there and relax for a few minutes, what we were doing wasn't exactly legal. So we hopped back over to join my parents to continue to watch the sunset. We thanked the father for taking our picture, and he joked that he was hoping to have captured a proposal as that was the perfect opportunity. Little did I know, my boyfriend had asked my parents for permission to marry me while we were on the trip and shortly afterwards, 3 weeks after we had arrived home, he had proposed at a scenic overlook in our home city. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect experience for my last sunset as a single lady. I will forever remember that beauty I saw in that moment and the love that even a random family could see between us. #IHaveArrived
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