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Watching the Bison

North Dakota, ND, United States
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My favorite spot in North Dakota is at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. My other favorite spot in ND is Fargo, which is the biggest city in the state. The capitol city, Bismarck, is interesting too and has a lot of great parks, but, nothing else in North Dakota compares to the beauty of the badlands at TRNP. And yes, there are badlands in North Dakota as well South Dakota. In this photo I was sitting watching the bison roam at sunset. It was one of my favorite spots at the park. It’s actually only half hour to the Montana border from here.
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If you are looking for a more city adventure in North Dakota, Fargo is the spot. The downtown area is fun.
Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Best place to visit in North Dakota if you are looking for a family friendly activity, animals, or adventure and outdoors.

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