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Washelli Memorial Cemetery

Seattle, WA, United States
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Washelli Memorial Cemetery, or as some people call it Evergreen Washelli Memorial Cemetery was founded in 1885 by one family and has since merged with another graveyard and has become something of a destination of its own right, with many local people enjoying walks in the cemetery to see the unusual statues as well as the graves of notable people. SOmething unique about the cemetery is that there are a lot of groupings, for instance for fraternal orders or veterans or other civic groups.There is also a beautiful 800 pound totem pole. As this and nearby cemeteries grew, many of them merged and so the walks you can do in this area re extensive. Go to Wikipedia and look up some notable burials and have an interesting scavenger hunt.
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Evergreen Washelli Cemetery
Evergreen Washelli Cemetery
An interesting and historical graveyard that makes for a nice and memorable walk

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