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Walking with the llamas! Yeah!

Apple Valley, MN, United States
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My kids and I had a really amazing time walking around and hanging out with the llamas (and a few other critters) at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley. They had this really cool exhibit going on this summer where they had llamas basically hanging around free-range in an area of the zoo and you could be amongst them. They told everyone not to touch the llamas, not to walk right behind them (kicking risk, etc.), harass them, etc. They did a really good job of laying out the area so the people stayed on the gravel paths and the grassy areas were were the llamas tended to hang out (because they were eating the grass). So, you could get super close to the llamas in a barrier-free environment, but the animals were safe. They also had guinea pigs (not free range!). It was really fun, and we learned a lot about llamas from all of the cool educational spots sprinkled around the paths.
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