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Volcanoes at night

Volcano, HI, United States
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The main caldera at Volcanoes National Park was not actively erupting while we were there, but there was plenty of hot magma seething around below the rim of the inner caldera just out of sight from the roads and byways. At night you can see the glow of the red-hot lava from anywhere along the rim. On both nights that we were there it was very foggy in the evening, but this may have actually improved the display. Sometimes the fog banks were so thick you could see nothing, but then it would thin out and you could see the fires reflecting off the fog bank. There was quite a crowd at the visitors center at sunset waiting to see what there was to be seen.
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Jagger Museum
Very nice visitor center/museum right at crater rim. People gather here at night to view the crater glow from the outside platform.
Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park
One of a kind park built on a live volcano

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