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Viva Colombia

Colombia, Colombia
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Planning this Colombia trip had a lot of hiccups and closer to leaving I was nervous and a little afraid. My Spanish is still a work in progress and people kept asking me "is it safe?" The more articles I read the more I started to second guess my decision to travel to Colombia. I was prepared to be robbed at any moment. This trip surpassed my expectations and my fear quickly dissipated. People should still be smart, aware of their surroundings and use good judgment. Like Colombians say "no dar papaya", meaning don't give someone a chance. Don't show off your fancy watch, camera, etc. Don't throw your money around or put yourself in a vulnerable situation. I tried ajiaco (even though I don't eat meat), had many tintos, arepas and jugos. I learned great expressions like "no dar papaya, chévere, y mujer jodida" (which I am not). I saw many beautiful places and some not some beautiful ones. By far the most amazing aspect of this trip was the people, some locals and some not, they were all very kind, generous, willing to help and always patient when I attempted my Spanish. Land makes a country, but the people in it make the experience and memories. I feel like I got a good taste of Colombia, yes there's still a lot I didn't see or experience, but I saved something for next time. The stress of planning, the hiccups, the fear, the improvising, the bug bites, the tummy aches, the flights, the crammed bus rides with someone else's sweat on you, the heat, the cold, the bunk beds, the getting kicked in the head by the person in the top bed, the hangovers; they were all worth it! Hasta la próxima vez Colombia besos
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Amazing stayed in Tortuga Hostel highly recommend. Taganga itself is a hot, windy and in places dirty town, but the people are wonderful.


Santa Marta
Santa Marta
Palomino beach is wonderful, but very touristy. Lots of vegan options which is rare in Colombia

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