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Visiting the beach in Lake Kegonsa State Park

Stoughton, WI, United States
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I love beaches! On my Madison trip, I decided to go stop by at Lake Kegonsa State Park after it rained. The park is not far from Madison and it's a little north of Stoughton. After I got my exercise for the day, I went to the beach in the park. I parked my car, grabbed a good book, my blanket and my fold up chair that I had sitting in the back and I took advantage of the peace and quiet next to the beach near the coastline of the water. I stayed at the beach for a couple of hours, after I spent 3 hours hiking the trails in the park. While there relaxing, I ate a sandwich I had packed in my lunch bag earlier that day and enjoyed reading a book about a man who sailed around the world. The book is called Discovering a New World: Would you sail with Columbus and I spent the rest of my time at the beach just enjoying the views of the water, taking pictures, learning about Christopher Columbus's adventures and watching birds fly over the beach while landing on the open water. I then decided to act like a bird and I put my hands in the water to understand what it felt like on their feet. Those birds are crazy! The water felt like ice! If you have some extra time this fall to go to a beach, by all means, do it even though you won't be able to go swimming, and don't forget to bring a blanket if it's under 50 degrees out! Great way to spend a relaxing fall day on the beach!
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Lake Kegonsa State Park
Lake Kegonsa State Park is a must see! You pay to visit the park. I paid for the annual fee, but they also offer daily passes at the ranger station upon first entering the park. The beach is awesome and there was no one there during my visit. Gave me a chance to relax and unwind! Oh and at the beach there is a large building on the property with bathrooms inside for your convenience!
A great place to hang out and enjoy your day! Lake Kegonsa State Park is close to Madison and It's located about 6 miles north of Stoughton. Nice beach, beautiful trails and it has some very relaxing areas in the park.

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