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Visiting a Palaung village in Myanmar

Kalaw, Shan, Myanmar (Burma)
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Two hours into the trek from Kalaw and several green tea fields later, my wife and I reached the first Palaung village. With only a few hundred people in the entire village, it was one of the smallest we’ve been to yet – we could just about count all of the houses.

Villagers, just like ourselves, were very curious and very friendly, unabashedly smiling and waving to us. We even paid an impromptu visit to a local man’s house, where a pig had just given birth to six little piglets. They were the cutest tiny things ever struggling to walk and find milk!

The kids in the village made us feel like celebrities. As soon as they saw us, they would stop whatever they were doing and run as fast as they could towards us, waving their arms frantically and screaming hello with a big smile on their faces! It certainly filled our hearts with joy and we couldn’t help but smile and wave in response.
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