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Visiting Poland reminded me of why we travel

Gdynia, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland
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Have you ever found yourself visiting a place that really wasn’t ever on your radar and then finding out that it became one of the more memorable places you have been? That is how I felt when I visited a small part of Poland. My husband and I were booking a Baltics cruise and one stop was Gydnia (for Gdansk). I really did not have this stop on my radar but it turned out to be a real treat, because of the people we encountered, which is usually the case. Seeing history through the eyes of a local is more emotional and eye opening than anything, and it is the true reason to travel. We went out to the Stutthof Concentration Camp (horror beyond what our minds can comprehend), then back towards Gdansk, crossing a river via car ferry, into the Old Town, then stopping by Solidarity Shipyard (freedom!), with a quick drive by of Sopot on our way back to Gdynia. I really cannot say how much we felt for the people of Poland, how much we loved visiting. This country should definitely be on Everyone's radar.
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