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Visiting Narragansett for Fresh Whole Lobster

Narragansett, RI, United States
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You can not go on a road trip along the coast without having seafoods (that if you are a seafood eater). We began our trip with so much seafood, I don’t think I ever ate this much seafood before, probably be satisfied for a while. In Narragansett, Rhode Island, one has many options to get seafood, we were crazy enough to go buy whole lobster and cook it ourselves in our AirBnb. We headed to Ferry Wharf Fish Market, pick out a few and headed back. This was my first-time cooking lobster but I have done enough research and I think I nail it, at least I believe that LOL.
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Points of interest

Beavertail State Park
a public recreation area of 153 acres of land where the Beavertail light house is
Narragansett Town Beach
One of the many beaches in Rhode Island with sandy beach and surfing area
Point Judith Lighthouse
Located on the west side of Naragansett Bay, known for being a dangerous location with many shipwreck
Roger W. Wheeler State Beach
Another public recreation and beach covering 27 acres of land along the Atlantic Ocean
Scarborough State Beach
a public beach and recreation are by the Atlantic Ocean
A small town of about 15k people, with fresh yummy seafoods
Not enough activities to do but our sole purpose was Narragansett
The capital of RI with a population of about 180k people
About 45 minutes drive from Providence is this heavy of fresh seafoods


There are many options including the farm market and Ferry Wharf Fish market

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