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Visiting Free Derry

Londonderry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
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I spent a few days in county Derry in the Northern Ireland, UK. We explored the city and also went over to "Free Derry" which was the site of the Bloody Sunday massacre in the 1970s. The original Free Derry wall pictured here is still there along with some other statues and memorials of the event during that time. Free Derry was a section of the Bogside that was blocked off and run by the IRA and no military or police were allowed in until that fateful day. The area today is now residential but you can still see the political unrest evidence that remains today.
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Hostel Connect
This was an average hostel that could use some work and better staff. The location though is perfect!

Points of interest

Free Derry Corner
This is where the photo was taken and is the site of Bloody Sunday


Tesco Superstore
Across the street from the hostel is the Tesco supermarket. Great for saving a few quid on food by cooking yourself!

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