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Visit the Texas Hills Vineyard

Johnson City, TX, United States
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We visited the Texas Hill Vineyards for a wine tasting. It's a nice little winery -- they only have 25 acres of vineyards in this location, but do have other bigger vineyards producing grapes for them. The Texas Hill tasting room is in the same building as their big production tanks, and they were nice enough to walk us back to see the tanks, where it smelled very strongly of wine because they had just finished emptying out and cleaning some of the tanks. The wine was OK, but not my favorite. But at least they do have the standard deal where you can use the amount you paid for the tasting towards the purchase of a bottle of wine.
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Texas Hills Vineyard
Texas Hills Vineyard
So so wine, but we had a nice time doing their tasting and it was a nice winery to visit.

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