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View of the Staigue Fort

Staigue, County Cork, Ireland
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While my kids and I had a blast driving around the Ring of Kerry, one of the places we stopped at was the the Staigue Fort. You need to drive for 10 miles from the small village of Castlecove (closer to the southern tip of the island) to reach this old stone fort, but it is so worth the drive. This stone fort is one of the largest fortified forts still standing in Ireland. It has been standing in the same spot for many years, and many historians believe that it was built during the Celtic era and it was once used as a tribal center for the natives of Ireland. Everything around the island is pretty ancient looking, and to get to the fort, you need to go through a gate (which is free) and then take a short hike across a small bridge and a muddy path, but its only for a short distance. Wear some waterproof shoes that you don't care about getting dirty. Once you reach the Staigue Fort, you can walk up ten flights of stairs that run along the circular internal part of the walls. After this easy climb we had incredible views of the lush green landscape around the fort as well as impressive views of the bay area of Kenmare. It is a really interesting fort to see and just to be able to stand on top of the stones of this stone for that are all lined up along the stairs without falling off was pretty cool in itself! I would definitely add this old fort to your itinerary!
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Staigue Stone Fort
Staigue Stone Fort
Another ancient fort worth visiting. One of the cool features of this stone fort is seeing the craftsmanship put into creating this fort. It is an incredible site to see and once on the top of the wall you will see spectacular views of Kenmare Bay below. This was one of my favorite historical sites to see on the island, but the trail is muddy so wear old shoes!

Points of interest

Ring of Kerry
For beautiful sites of the island with incredible views, plan to take a trip around the Ring of Kerry and don't forget to take a fully charged camera with you! The Ring of Kerri can take you all day to tour the countryside if you drive slowly and stop along the way to relax and explore the trails. You can see ancient ruins, iconic old churches, peaks of mountains, great views of the ocean and so much more. Plan to be adventurous and ready to explore the outdoors when you plan this trip. Also keep in mind, it rains alot in the fall season, so bundle up with some rain gear!
Staigue Stone Fort
Staigue Stone Fort
Built many years ago, its incredible to see this massive fort still standing!
Staigue Stone Fort
Staigue Stone Fort
If you look closely you can see the stairs that you are able to climb up to look out over the Kenmare Bay. You will see some amazing views of the property and the surrounding area.

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Staigue Stone Fort
Staigue Stone Fort
The Staigue Stone Fort is one of the largest and finest fortified forts left remaining in Ireland. You will need to open the gate (this stone fort is now owned by a local farmer) and be sure to close the gate behind you because there are sheep that wander around the outside of the fort. Upon entering (There is no fee to enter this site, however the owner asks that you kindly leave special donations to assist with the upkeep of the property.) you will need to hike across a narrow bridge that will be easily accessible for you, but it is only a short distance to the stone fort and the trail might be muddy, especially after a rain storm.

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