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View from the Tybee Island Lighthouse

Tybee Island, GA, United States
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The view at the top of the lighthouse was beautiful with the beach not being far and the staff was very friendly. Overall if your vacationing on Savannah, this would be a good first stop. This particular lighthouse is visually stunning for a number of reasons. First, the black and white day mark contrast is gorgeous, along with the red top roof of its base building. Also, it is so very close to the ocean foot, so views of the beach are quite captivating in more than 180 degrees. Apparently this light house has a sordid past. It was destroyed in storms and soldiers multiple times and had to be rebuilt several times. The initial our house was built in 1773. It was destroyed several times by storms and Confederates. The lighthouse was reconstructed in 1867. The Tybee Island Museum is across the street and included in the price of admission: $9 for general admission and $7 for everyone else.
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