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View from the Top of Reunion Tower in Dallas

Dallas, TX, United States
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This is a great tourist attraction in Dallas! It's a place you must see. The workers are very kind and polite at ground level and you get a photo shoot with the option to purchase prints or have images sent via email. We got to play dress up with a few props and strike our silly poses if its a short line the photographer will do retakes. Going to the top, it'sa 60 second elevator ride to the roof. The view of the city is breathtaking and gorgeous!. Its another world when your at the top. They have touchscreen LCD's to view maps of the city and children can play with the special effects that light up the screen. We also got to put on some headsets and have a virtual view of the building and and what it looks like if we was standing in the Sky which was cool. Going outside is kinda windy we had to go back inside to warm up. Outside the walkway only goes halfway around the building I wish it went fully around it would of been nice to see the other side of the city. The tower does have a gift shop at ground level and a restaurant on top that requires reservations and requires a casual dress code.
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