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Very Macabre

Meadowlakes, TX, United States
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The Texas Hill Country was a bit of an outlier politically during the Civil War. The Hill Country was largely settled by Germans who were typically anti-slavery and were loyal to the Union. Many of them opposed the secession of Texas from the United States. Statewide however they were outnumbered as Texas did join the Confederacy.

The Union Loyalty of the Texas Hill Country residents made them a target of hostilities. Of course, when reviewing historical legends it is sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction. Such is the case at Dead Man's Hole.

There have been rumors of as many as 17 bodies of dead Union loyalists thrown into this hole during the Civil War. Other legends provide a much lower number of roughly 5 bodies. I have often wondered if any bodies ever got thrown into the hole or if this is just a local legend.

Here is what we do know. There is a very deep hole in the Texas Hill Country known as Dead Man's hole. We also know that there were violent conflicts between Confederates and Unionists in Texas. Did Dead Man's Hole play a role in all of this? A Texas historical marker discusses the local legends.
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Dead Man's Hole
There are no signs pointing the way to Dead Man's Hole so I figured I would add this travel detail to show the location on the map.

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