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Vegan Food near Chania Airport

Chania, Greece
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I read a few reviews about this coffee shop, Espressaki, on Happy Cow and decided to check it out. It is near Chania airport and you will definitely need a car to get there. It is one of those places that you drive by and would never assume that it has vegan options. It is a coffee shop but looks more like a mini mart with lots of prepared food. The guy who was working that day was vegan himself and pointed out all of the vegan options that were available. They had some vegan desserts, a falafel wrap, pizza pocket and more. We got the pizza pocket, falafel wrap and cream pastry. All of the food was DELICIOUS! Seriously, there’s no way you could tell it was vegan. It was such a bummer because we came the next day to get some food to go before our flight to Athens and all of the vegan options were gone. It seems like this place is a bit hit or miss. If you can go when they have vegan options, stock up! If not, ask when they will have some more in stock.
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