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Vancouver: the steam clock, Gastown's curiosity

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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The Steam Clock in Vancouver's historic Gastown district is one of the small curiosities that make up the charm of this city.

In 1971, it was decided to renovate the historic district of Gastown in central Vancouver. It was built in 1977, at the intersection of Water Street and Cambie Street, a strange steam clock.

Although the Gastown Steam Clock seems straight out of the 19th century, it was built in 1977 by Canadian watchmaker Raymond L. Saunders, as part of a major campaign to rehabilitate the city's former economic and commercial center. Provoked by steam produced by an underground heating system, it surprises tourists in a big cloud of smoke!
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Hastings Street
We go down Hastings Street, or shows up some of the misery of Vancouver
Gastown is now frequented by a multitude of tourists eager to spend their money in a nice neighborhood
Water Street
Water Street in one of Vancouver's oldest neighborhoods in British Columbia .
Cambie Street
The Gastown Steam Clock is located at the corner of Cambie


Chinatown (which will avoid the lanes adjacent to major arteries).

Special activities

Gastown Vancouver Steam Clock
One wonders what attracts tourists in this miniature clock that makes tut-tut and emits steam!

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