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Exeter, PA, United States
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When Van Halen came through our area a ways back, I missed out on the show. Determined to still see one of my favorite bands, I scanned the subsequent tour dates and saw they were playing Reading, PA, just 4 hours away.

Why not!!

The show took place at the Sovereign Center, which in my opinion is an excellent place place to see a show. Apparently the 1980s never ended in Reading, so there was tons of teased and hair sprayed hair and denim jackets. Plus, everyone was jumping up and down and making a scene. A great contrast to NY and DC where rock shows can be a bore. Also, Kool and the Gang opened up. I was skeptical of them as openers but man, that was a fun set list they went through! People were going absolutely bananas for songs like Get Down on It and Celebrate. Just so much fun!

As for the Center itself, it's a very intimate venue, maybe 6000-7000 seats, so you get right up close to the band from most seats. Parking is really cheap too. You can stick your car right across from the arena and it's $9. Less than 10 minutes after parking, you are in your seat. Can't beat that convenience.

On the downside, the area around the arena looks like a bomb went off. Not safe at all. I'd advise everyone to use extreme caution when going here especially at late hours. There were cops in the area making their presence known, but there were also a bunch of ne'er-do-wells right outside the doors, and in the unsecured parking lot looking for trouble.

In the end, if you are in the NY or Philly area and don't mind a bit of a ride, you should definitely come to see a show here. Just be safe!
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