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Utter Opulence in the Heart of New Delhi

New Delhi, DL, India
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While planning my trip to Kathmandu, I decided to make the most of a 48 hour layover in New Delhi by staying at one of the most luxurious hotels, the Leela Palace. If India weren't so far away, I'd book weekends there just to enjoy the amenities and to be surrounded by opulence. There are ceiling to floor windows that line the marble hallways, beautiful drapes that hang from the windows, perfectly manicured grounds, and a wonderful infinity pool located at the top floor. The staff was great and arranged us a private tour to the Taj Mahal in one of their BMWs; they had even packed us a snack for the ride. Our driver was beyond excellent and courteous, so we requested him to drive us to the airport the following day. The Leela Palace even had staff at the airport to assist with checking in and checking our luggage. It was wonderful to feel so pampered before flying to Nepal to trek for three weeks!
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The Leela Palace New Delhi
The Leela Palace New Delhi
One of the most luxurious hotels I've stayed at. The food was great and the air conditioning was so cold, I had to pull the fluffy down comforter up to my chin. I'd fly to New Delhi just to stay here again.

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Taj Mahal
While the Taj Mahal is a wonder to see, pack light clothing as you'll likely be hot!

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