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Upper Yellowstone Falls

Wyoming, WY, United States
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One of my favorite hikes in all of Yellowstone was when we went to see the Upper Yellowstone Falls and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. If you're seen it, you understand how absolutely breathtaking it is, but that's not why I remember it so fondly.

On our way to the falls, we were walking on a narrow path through the woods when we rounded a bend and saw to bison lumbering towards us down the trail. We quickly scrambled into the forest with another random couple about thirty feet to get out of their path. It was pretty hilarious as the four of us made our way as quietly as we could and we were surely startled when one of them stopped, turned his head, and snorted towards us. After they walked on, we continued on with our hike safely!
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Points of interest

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
This is one of the most beautiful views in the park.
Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River
Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River
The upper falls are beautiful and a must see in Yellowstone.


Uncle Tom's Trail
If you aren't afraid of climbing back up a million stairs, this is a great way to view the falls.

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