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United State Botanic Garden

Arlington, VA, United States
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When we mapped out the to do things for Washington DC, we did not know this place existed. At this point, we were so worn out that we just wanted to go back to our hotel. After we passed by the White House, we noticed a dome like building and decided to checked it out since we were heading that way back to our parked car. We realize it was a conservatory and found it was the United State Botanic Garden. At this point, it was getting hot and it was later in the day, we only walk through the out door garden and did not go inside. By now, we have been out all day and were tired.
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Culture and experiences

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
memorial consist of 4 acres, opened in 2011 after 2 decades of planning
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
created in 1946, receiving over 6 millions visitor and is the most visited Museum in the US
The White House
The famous building in the United State where the President resident is
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
love the location of this memorial, it's prefect and away from all the craziness
Smithsonian National Zoological Park
oldest zoo in the United States, it is part of the Smithsonian Institution Museum
World War II Memorial
An memorial/ attraction dedicated to the soldiers of World War 2
Washington Monument
landmark structure dedicated to our very first president of United States
Lincoln Memorial Circle Northwest
A detail of President Lincoln statue is so amazing and big

Points of interest

whole area is jus simply amazing with so much things to see and do

Special activities

United States Botanic Garden
A building within Washington DC dedicated just to plants and flowers

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