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Uluwatu - Sundays Beach Club

Bali, Bali, Indonesia
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While on the island of Bali, I was recommended to check out Sundays Beach Club. This is a very unique place where you can only go down to the beach using a cable car. The waters are clear, clean and colorful and the white sands are pristine. However, sometimes the tides are very strong so be sure you know if they are safe before taking a dip! The atmosphere is calm and relaxed, with a nice beachside restaurant and fresh foods and fruits. Most everyone here was a tourist, relaxing away the day with a drink in hand. At sunset they lite a bonfire too, but I didn't stay enough time to see it. You can also use a cable car to tour the mountainsides. It's really quite the set-up, and a unique experience I have yet to find in other countries.
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