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Typhoon Lagoon

Intercession City, FL, United States
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Typhoon Lagoon is one of the two water parks available at Disneyworld, which is located southwest of Orlando. I have yet to experience the other Disney waterpark, which is called Blizzard Beach, so I cannot compare them, though I have heard Blizzard Beach is the bigger of the two. It goes without saying that this place is expensive, as is anything which is so much as tangentially associated with Disney. There is a large wave pool with plenty of loungers, and it’s a great place to take it easy (though it would be cheaper and more authentic to just take a short drive to one of Florida’s many beautiful beaches. There is, of course, an array of water slide attractions and an extensive lazy river. The landscaping here is particularly impressive, with all manner of exotic palms and flowers providing an authentic tropical feel.
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