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Two-destinations, one train ride

Blue Ridge, GA, United States
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I often contemplate on how life must have been for people as little as 100 years ago. One thing that usually comes to mind is transportation. I always had the curiosity of what riding on a train would be like and was excited to learn that just a couple of hours from my house I could finally have the experience. Blue Ridge in north Georgia is a picturesque town where it's almost required to have some sort of bear figurine in your yard to live there. It's a town mostly of older, retired people and they have Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, which offers train rides to a small town that borders with Tennessee. So, it's one of the places where you can be in two cities at the same time: McCaysville, GA and Copperhill, TN. Trips take about four hours, but you spend two hours on the train. The other two hours are spent between the other two towns. You can ride in climate-controlled or open air carts. I recommend the open air, especially in the fall; the views are delightful!

Sometimes there are musicians that travel from cart to cart entertaining guests and I've heard there's a special Santa Claus trip in December. This is a relaxing trip ideal for families, for a ladies day out, or for couples looking for a charming get-away. Prices vary by age and are highest in October and December. The town has great arts and crafts' shops, good food and plenty of lodging options, including cabin rentals. If you are in the mood for just the train ride, one afternoon will suffice, but allow plenty of time for walking around Blue Ridge. Come ready to eat fudge, and quite possibly, return home with a bear figurine.
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Blue Ridge
This is a great website with a lot of information on Blue Ridge.
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