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Two Weeks in Thailand

Thailand, Thailand
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This January my fiance and I took a trip we've been planning for 4 years - we took off two weeks and went to Thailand. We had our hotel for the first couple days booked but otherwise decided to play it by ear. It was so freeing! We ended up seeing Bangkok for a few days, meeting my brother (who was backpacking SE Asia at the time) in Chiang Mai, and even rented a car a spent a couple days in Chiang Rai. Chiang Rai was our absolute favorite - it was the first time we really felt like we were in Thailand, and not just surrounded by tourists. There was this wonderful little night bazaar with some AMAZING food and of course the famous white temple! With a beautiful blue sky in the background, it was too stunning to describe. It's a trip I highly suggest!
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Wat Rong Khun White Temple
Even more stunning in person! Even if you don't plan on going to Chiang Rai, this makes the trip worth it.


The menu was in emojis and you had to guess what each dish was! It was a dinner to remember.

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