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Turnips! Get Your Turnips Here!

Boydton, VA, United States
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I'm not usually a fan of roadside veggie stands. As much as I sometimes complain about government overreach -- usually within the context of taxes -- I do appreciate that the foods I buy and eat pass at least certain safety standards. With roadside stands, I'm a bit less certain. Take this sign for turnips which I saw in Boydton, VA. Interestingly, the sign was nowhere near the actual place where the turnips were being sold. After a quick look-around, I figured that the point of sale was down a somewhat abandoned-looking road and, well, I wasn't about to stop for a turnip for the road. I suppose the lesson is that if you're a roadside vendor, put the sign in closer proximity to the stand...or just sell to a grocery store like a normal farmer!
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