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Truly great Christmas markets

Vienna, Vienna, Austria
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I've been to Christmas markets in several European cities. While I think they're all great local traditions, giving people a place to gather and feel festive despite the dark cold weather, some feel pretty repetitive or redundant after a while: the same food, the same crafts, etc. Not so with Vienna's outstanding markets. I visited at least 5 on a single day last year, and I found each had a distinct feel, unique merchants, and interesting food. I don't even really enjoy shopping, but it made for a good part of a great day out, despite it being cold and snowing.

I wouldn't say the gluhwein was notably different, but I sampled several just to make sure.
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Wiener Weihnachtstraum
Wiener Weihnachtstraum
Probably the largest Christmas market, complete with a winding ice skating track through the park

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