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Trdelník! 100% Awesomeness!

Prague, Prague, Czechia
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Prague is street food heaven. In the squares and streets, vendors abound with all kinds of exotic tasties to try. Potatoes fried in enormous pans, smoked and cured meats of all kinds, sausages, sweets, the list is endless! For the sweet tooth after lunch or dinner, the one we kept going back for was the delicious Trdelnik. Pronounces something like tred-ul-ink, these are made from dough wrapped around a stick, then grilled over wood embers, then coated with a sugar and almond mix. You talk about good! They're similar in taste to a cinnamon roll, but better...much much better we were buying them every time we saw a stand. A must to try on the streets of Prague!
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by zonacat31


better than a cinnamon roll? wow