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Tralee Bay Wetlands!

Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland
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Treelee Bay Wetlands is home to famous Water Zorbing spot! Unfortunately the activities were closed for the season so we decided to stay at the bay and try out some incredible desserts. To my surprise a lot of locals hang out in this place and they offer free WI-FI! We only stayed for about 20 minutes because it didn't take us long to devour our desserts and it gave us time to relax while I had a great time with the kids! For a good price, you can get great service while being served really big slices of super yummy desserts along with your choice of beverages to wash it down. We had some covered chocolate nuts with peanut butter brownies and some really gooey lava bars. I think it was made in house, but then again they could have very well ordered it from a local bakery and had it shipped in. Either way, it was really yummy and creamy. After I devoured mine, I sat there relaxing for a bit while thinking of ways to con management into letting us take one of those big plastic balls out on the lake to go water zorbing! Maybe next visit!
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Culture and experiences

Tralee Bay Wetlands
Tralee Bay Wetlands
Great tasting food. However, one thing I found really strange about Ireland in general is that they don't give away free grocery bags, they make you pay for shopping carts and they won't even help you bag anything. The same pretty much applies to restaurants no matter where they are located on the island. Here they have the standard salt and pepper shakers along with forks, spoons and knives sitting out for you to take at your leisure. I guess I have no vote in this situation but still I found it kind of odd. And come to think of it, I don't even think they gave us a glass to pour our soda pop in. Although when I really think about it, it is the cleanest country I've ever stepped foot in, in my life! Very eco friendly country!

Points of interest

Great place to hang out for the day while in Ireland. The famous point of interest in Tralee is the oldest working windmill in all of Ireland. But there are also a lot of activities to do within this town. From the great views to the big beach. You can go swimming in the pools of water that surround the bay area in this town. We found this place after checking out websites for things to do in the area and I'm glad we did. I'm sure there's alot more to do here other than what we did, but if you come to this town, check out their website first and plan accordingly to your likes and interests.


Tralee Bay Wetlands
Tralee Bay Wetlands
When you go to this Bay Wetlands restaurant, you need to try some hot tea with dessert of your choice. The Bay Wetlands has great reviews and great customer service! I would recommend stopping by just to get some food!

Special activities

Tralee Bay Wetlands
Tralee Bay Wetlands
If you like being on the water in an enclosed ball, this is definitely a place to mark on your must do's while in Tralee. This place is located on a small bay with anice sized lake in the middle of the wetlands. From what I could see there were trails we could hike, gardens to explore and swammpy areas we could cross. Even though I'm not a fan of being in enclosed spaces, I didn't want to skip this. But we had no choice.

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