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Trains are Long Gone

Allendale, CA, United States
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Travelling up Old Winters Road from Allendale you pass through rural open ranch land. There is also a very large Hines Growers Nursery that ids used as a distribution center for plant deliveries. Old Winters Road is a two lane county road that runs parallel to Interstate 505. When you reach Putah Creek, which divides Solano and Yolo Counties, there is a bridge for vehicles to cross into Winters and there is an old train trestle that has recently been converted into a pedestrian/bicycle bridge. The train tracks that once passed through Vacaville, Allendale and into Winters have long been removed, early 1980's, so the train trestle sat idle for decades before it was converted into the bridge it is today. It still retains the rusty, historical appearance which is inviting for photographing. Toady, that's when I took the drive for pictures, I saw that because of all the rain that we have been getting, Putah Creek is very high so that added to the picture.
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