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Train Town in Sonoma is Like Magnet for your Child

Sonoma, CA, United States
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We have visited Train Town in Sonoma, CA several times and enjoyed each visit. You can find it in in Sonoma, California and it is about 45-min. drive from East Bay. This is really a small amusement park where you can enjoy a 20-minute ride in a miniature real train. The train passes through various tunnels, bridges along a small ponds and little waterfalls. You will have a stop in a little town that is full of miniature houses. There are miniature stores and even a jail- just like from Wild Wild West times. There are some goats and alpacas that you can feed during the stop. My sons also enjoyed a carousel with miniature planes and a small roller coaster. I tried it once, but definitely not my type of a thrill anymore.
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