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Traditional village in the city

Seoul, South Korea
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A very quiet and charming place filled with traditional hanok houses that are very interesting to look at. And people actually still live in them! I heard that this place can get really crowded but it wasn't very crowded when I visited it. This is a great place to explore and take pictures, especially for people who want to see the old Korea. You can even rent a hanbok to walk around and take pictures for that "traditional" feel if you're interested in that sort of thing. You should definitely visit the Bukchon Hanok village if you get the chance!
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Culture and experiences

Bukchon Hanok Village
Very nice and beautiful old Korean village with traditional houses
Yeouido Hangang Park
Very beautiful place to walk around, enjoy the scenery and relax


Cafe Gondry
A cafe with nice atmosphere, good drinks and friendly staff

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