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Toyosu Market & Fish Auctions - Tokyo, Japan

135-0061, Japan
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Our first full day in Tokyo fell on a Saturday. Since Toyosu Market is closed on Sundays we figured we’d make it our first stop.

Toyosu Market is this giant multi-story, multi-building warehouse that replaced the aging Tsukiji Market. There’s nothing really aesthetically pleasing about the place. It’s all new, enclosed and boxy. If it’s raining it’d actually make for a good rainy day activity.

If you want to get lost and overwhelmed at the many stalls of various yet similar sellers and observe from afar the wheelings and dealings of tuna and other fish auctions then this is for you. I just remember being really hangry and having to wait over an hour to eat sushi within one of the restaurants in the restaurant area. I don’t claim to have fancy refined taste buds and being from California have had my fair share of fresh sashimi, so to me you can save your time and money and eat somewhere else.
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