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Torre del Homenaje

Zahara de la Sierra, AL, Spain
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In this whitewashed town on the hill, at the peak of the hill, there is a tower or perhaps it can e better described as a small fortress. This is named Torre del Homenaje or Castillo de Zahara. Although it is not high peak, it is a bit of walk in rather steep uphill to get to the Torre del Homenaje. Still it is absolutely enjoyable walking (except a bit of sweat) through cobbled street in this charming Andalucian town. The hilltop fortress itself does not show its original shape as it looks more like a ruin. However, visiting Zahara de la Sierra would not be complete if you do not hike up there. Onely when you reach to the top, you would feel what it would be like back in the medieval times when people try to watch invaders of the town.
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