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This is Not Beverly Hills

Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
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Tijuana is a huge city covering about 246 square miles and a population probably around 1.8 -2 million people and I would guess the majority of the people do not live in luxury. Over the many times I have been to the Tijuana area as I said in a previous story I have wandered into many parts of the city that most normal tourists would not even consider. The hills above the downtown area is not the location of the wealthy like most locations in California and the US, it is where a lot of people build a place to live with whatever materials they can afford or scrounge. Most don't have a road or sidewalk by their house and they have to go up and down dirt paths to get to and from their home and some of the homes are where they do their business to earn what money they can for survival. I see these areas and it makes me feel how fortunate I am.
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