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Things Aren't Always What They Seem

08002 Barcelona, Spain
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After spending so much time observing architecture all over the world, I am happy to have picked up a little bit of knowledge here and a little bit there. I can tell a gabled roof from a hipped or a mansard and I know the difference between a parapet and a portico. And, after our visit to Barcelona, I can add faux windows to the list. One day, when we rounded a corner of an interesting part of the city, it didn't take either one of us more than a glance to see that some of the windows on this building looked too good to be true.
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Points of interest

Tourist Information Office
Get some good maps and head out on your way.
At first glance, we thought all of these windows were real.


Barcelona Coffee and Bistro
There are plenty of good coffee shops in Barcelona, like this one.
Ziryab Fusion Tapas Bar
There is always a big crowd at this popular spot for tapas.
Bakery N TIME
The pastries sold here are so delicious, you might need more than one.
Coffee Casa
Everyone who loves coffee will like this popular place to have a few cups.

Special activities

Get a really good workout at this lively place in Barcelona.
Water Fountains Walkway
Take a look at these prett water fountains and take some pics.
Kite Surf Spot Barcelona
Why not test your skills at kite surfing while in Barcelona?
Zumba Barcelona
If you like to be part of a Zumba class, check out this place.

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