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They cut our bags open

Athens, Greece
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After some delays we finally arrived in Athens, a bit jet lagged but in good sprit. Athens was our destination for the next couple of days before we were heading to the island of Santorini. Having read about the easiness of taking public transportation, we took the subway to our hotel. It was packed but we found a great seat right next to a window. Unfortunatley we had two suitcases and two smaller backpacks, the only way to put them was right between us.
Pickpockets are a common occurance in Athens and we were aware of our surroundings. We actually felt watched and identified 5 guys on the train who were constantly on the lookout. When we had to change subways, we took our belongings and headed towards the exit. Had to queeze through tons of people but made it outside just in time. When we finally arrived at our hotel, we realized that they cut my wife's backpack open with the help of a very sharp object, likely a razor blade. Luckily, she had a very robust camera bag inside the backpack that prevented anything from falling out and more importantly stopped their efforts as it was uncuttable. Had to buy a new backpack but nothing else went missing. Just shows that no matter how hard you look or how hard you try to prevent theft, it is always possible. Next time we come to Athens, we will take a taxi.
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by kozman


I head some crazy stories too about Athens. Kids running up to you and emptying out your pockets. Guys just going into your bags on the train. And I heard Barcelona was bad but Athens, it seems, has beat out even Barcelona as of late. Sorry it happened to you guys.

by traveler917


I am Athens right now! I will be extra careful on my way back to the airport! I knew it was bad but not that bad. I am carrying a decoy wallet. All my important stuff is not in the wallet in the pocket I usually use.

by Liketraveling


@ traveler917: safe travels!! @kozman: ...and the worst was that we thought those guys on the train were working together and we still could not avoid it!